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Skillabation teachers are experts in their field, who have a minimum of 6 years experience teaching kids their subject. All of our teachers have a bachelor’s degree in their subject area, and a master’s degree, or are working on obtaining their master’s degree. If you would like to work with us, please fill out the contact form here.

We also have a program for pre-service teachers who are obtaining a bachelor’s in a foreign language. 


Nikki is the owner and founder of Skillabration. She has experience teaching Spanish and English as a Second Language (ESL). She worked as a public school teacher from 2005-2016 teaching in a variety of subjects ranging from high school Spanish I, II, and III, and middle school dual language.


She decided to start teaching online in 2016 to establish more freedom and creativity in her classroom. She started as an online ESL teacher at VIPKID and iTutorGroup from 2016-2020, and shifted to teaching Spanish at Outschool in 2021. She offers both group classes of up to 10 students and 1-on-1 tutoring sessions. Students say she is patient and engaging, and she breaks down information in a comprehensible way.

Wenlu C.
Ms. Nikki is wonderful.
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She is able to keep my son engaged with fun and interactive activities and still learn the language at the same time. Highly recommend Ms. Nikki and her Spanish class!


Cherry Man Ching Yeung is from Hong Kong. She has a dual Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Education. She has a 120-hour TEFL certification. Teaching is her passion. She has been teaching Chinese, ESL and other subjects online, in schools, in her center, and at students’ homes for 20 years.

She offers children and teenagers group classes and 1-on-1 tutoring sessions. Her favorite and happiest times have been spent with students. They explore language with virtual “trips” to supermarkets, parks, museums and convenience stores.

What students love about her class is that it is fun and engaging, so she uses many props such as toys, photos, flashcards, artwork and puppets. Also, students say she is patient and caring. She loves creating stories, dancing, singing, doing simple science experiments, listening to students and having fun conversations with them. She will take you on the wondrous journey of learning. She is looking forward to seeing you in her class.

Judy V.
Happy Parent
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Excellent, patient, and knowledgeable teacher!


Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Languages and a Graduate Certificate in Spanish Language Education. Originally from Colombia, she has been teaching English, French, and Spanish as a second language both in the USA and her home country since 2018, across various educational levels from kindergarten to adult in private and public schools.


She is very creative and passionate about languages and cultures, Laura strives to immerse students in the Spanish language while sharing her Latino cultural traditions, customs, and holidays alongside those of other Hispanic countries.

Spanish & French
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Jamie has a Bachelor’s in Spanish and Elementary Education and a Master’s in Education with a focus on Literacy Studies.  Over the last 18 years she has taught in a wide variety of educational settings including public school, private school, and homeschool co-ops, as well as educating her own children.    
She has taught Spanish or taught other class content IN Spanish using a variety of styles, including full Spanish Immersion, Spanish as an enrichment course, Middle School Spanish, as well as Spanish 1 and 2 for High School.  
She loves sharing her love for the Spanish language with children of all ages and seeing their joy as their proficiency and self-confidence grow!
Jamie M.
SPANISH 1 for Middle School
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Excellent enthusiastic instructor.


Sarah has been teaching Spanish since 2017 and has taught both middle school and high school. She has a master’s of science in education and a bachelor’s in Spanish. Sarah is a passionate, driven educator. Her goal is to make an impact on each individual student. She loves seeing students have lightbulb moments with Spanish. 

Students say she is positive and engaging.

She is teaching Spanish I for Middle School and 1:1 Tutoring.

Jennifer H.
Excited to learn Spanish!
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My daughter is enjoying the class and excited to learn Spanish. She always tells me what she learned and that is saying a lot.


Mademoiselle Armour has experience in teaching French. Mademoiselle Armour has been teaching in schools since 1994 and has taught students ages 6 to 18, although, she has mainly taught high school.
Mademoiselle has taught levels I through Advanced Placement French and serves as an AP Reader for the French Language and Culture Exam.
Mademoiselle Armour has a Master’s degree in French and has studied in France, Québec and Morocco, and has visited France more than 30 times! Students say she is passionate about teaching and challenges them while making learning a new language really fun.
French 1 for Middle School
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My daughter enjoyed the class, and was inspired by this introduction to begin more formal lessons.


Valerie has experience teaching Spanish and English (ESL) to ages 3-18. She has over seven years of experience working with students from all over the world both as a school teacher and an online teacher. 

She grew up speaking both English and Spanish in Texas. She has lived overseas in Madrid, Spain teaching ESL to students from kindergarten to adults. Through this experience, Valerie has adapted to the Spanish teaching culture and learned new ways to approach student learning. 

Students love working with her because she is kind, engaging and a warm listener.

One of the best teachers I've met!
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She is a good listener and kind, also patient and understanding. I feel comfortable and don't get nervous when I talk to her. She is one of the best teachers I've met!


Diane is a veteran Spanish teacher living in South Carolina. She has experience teaching all levels of high school Spanish (1 to Advanced Placement) as well as college level. She has worked as a public and private school teacher since 1992 and has been tutoring privately for a few years. She spent her junior year of college at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain. She also studied in Cuernavaca, Mexico.


She has attended multiple comprehensible input workshops and seminars. She has been an AP Grader for the past ten years and has been a table leader for the last four.


Students say she is passionate about languages, especially Spanish, and loves presenting information in a comprehensible way.

Student Review
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Rachel is a sophomore at the College of Wooster. She is pursuing a double major in French and Spanish with a double minor in Russian and German. On top of that, Rachel speaks Hebrew and knows how to communicate in American Sign Language. She has many experiences teaching languages to children because in 2019 she started her own language program. She helped children learn American Sign Language, French, Spanish and Russian. 
She has a passion for foreign languages because she enjoys being able to communicate with people. She grew up surrounded by different languages, which increased her curiosity in language learning. She brings that curiosity and passion to the classroom. Rachel adores working with children because she loves seeing them excited to learn! She is kind, engaging and a very good listener so she is able to cater to different learning styles and make students comfortable.
Spanish, ASL, French
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